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Process Equipment Line Card


Aquarius Technologies Incorporated

Reduced sludge production process & Aeration Equipment

  Bay Products
Complete Line of Odor Control Equipment, Adsorbers, Bio Filters, Chemical Wet Scrubbers and Accessories
  Cook Legacy
Cook Legacy
Passive intake screens, air burst screen cleaning systems, intake piping, Jacqueln coating
  Electrolytic Technologies
Klorigen On-Site Hypochlorite Generation Equipment
  Fairbanks Morse Pump

Submersible Non-Clog, Dry-Pit, Non-Clog, Vertical Turbine Solids Handling (VTSH), Horizontal Split Case and Vertical Turbine Pumps
  Franklin Miller
Franklin Miller
Franklin Millerís grinders and screening equipment is the most comprehensive and advanced line of wastewater grinders and screens in the world! Our line of wastewater disintegrators, grinders and comminutors are the perfect solution for fine reduction of solids in open channel, inline or gravity installations. These units protect and enhance the operation of pumps and other process equipment and reduce maintenance at wastewater treatment plants worldwide. Whether your requirement is a new installation or an upgrade, FMI's broad line of processors can fill the need.
Flow regulators, flushing systems. screens, baffles, flumes & weirs, gate & gate cables, stormwater treatment/CSO control systems
  Hayward Gordon Ltd
Recessed Impeller, Screw Impeller, Chopper Pumps, Rapid Mix and Flocculators

Water and Wastewater screeing equipment; Washer compactors for screening handling
  Keystone Engineering
Conveyors, Bucket Elevators, Belt Accessories, Bins, Silos and Blenders
  Lobeline Swaby, Rotary Lobe Pumps
Orthos Liquid Systems
Filter Nozzles/Strainers & Underdrain Systems
  Polychem Systems
Polychem Systems
Non-Metallic Collector Chain and Sprockets
  Phoenix Process
Belt Filter Presses, Mobile Belt Filter Presses, Plate Frame Presses and Gravity Belt Thickeners
  Spectrum Equipment
Solids Dewatering Containers
  Spencer Turbine
Centrifugal and Positive Displacement Blowers
  TBS and ZMI-Portec

-Bulk Systems and Make-down systems for Hydrated Lime or Lime Slaking and Milk of Lime slurry
-Bulk Soda Ash systems and make down systems
-PAC Powdered Activated Carbon systems
-Fine Filter Sand systems
-Bulk Ferrous sulphate
-Bulk Magnesium Oxide and make-down systems.
-Biosolids Lime stabilization systems
For the markets of Water and Waste Water Treatment.

Total filter material systems provider.
Peristaltic Tube and Hose Pumps for Chemical Feed and Transfer Pumping and Sludge Pumping Applications
Centrifuges, Complete line of Separation Equipment
Clarifiers, OXY-COP Oxidation Ditches, COP Clarifiers, Dissolved Air Flotation, Flocculators, Rapid Mix, Thickeners, Grit and Detritor Equipment, BIO-DOC Rotary Distributors, Digester Covers, Mixers, Drives and Clean-Flo Fine Screen

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Oh. Class IV WWTP Oper.
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Ky. Class IV WWTP Oper.
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Rob Schneider
Sales- Product Application
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